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[CES 2019] TWINNY, Introduced the autonomous cart “JANGBOGO”

JANUARY 24, 2019

[CES 2019] TWINNY, Introduced the autonomous cart “JANGBOGO”

TWINNY, a company specializing in autonomous robot, introduced autonomous shopping cart called “JANGBOGO” at the world’s largest technology exhibition, “CES 2019” held in Las Vegas for four days from 08. JAN

JANGBOGO is a next-generation cart that recognizes customers with a camera and follows them by using multi-sensor to avoid obstacles. When parents who are with their children or elderly people shop at shopping malls or large retailers, they don't have to push their carts for shopping so can enjoy it conveniently.

“JANGBOGO” is the first product that is applied with TWINNY’s autonomous artificial intelligence technology and it is possible to operate in actual environments by using inexpensive sensors. Expected that “JANGBOGO” will take the lead in commercializing autonomous technology by securing competitive price. YoungSeok Cheon, CEO of TWINNY said “After making efforts to make our technology developed enough, it succeeded in reducing prices to a level that can be commercialized. That’s why we participated in CES 2109 and we will give impetus to marketing for a successful commercialization.

HongSeok Cheon, CEO of TWINNY and in charge of development department said as the impression “We have focused on techniques of products. After facing other company’s products in the field, I was sure that our technique is much far ahead of them. However, I realized that we have quite poor design and would be improved right get back.

Meanwhile, TWINNY is also developing “Autonomous Trains” that can be used in logistics warehouses and factories as their second project. This is an autonomous train that operates organically without physical connection between vehicles in an environment without rails. Since it can move with bunch of items in a narrow passageways , it is expected to reconsider the productivity of the logistics system of picking work.