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TWINNY Robotics Lab is building the future with the world’s greatest autonomous mobile technology.


Name Academic Career Portfolio
Hongseok Cheon KAIST Ph.D. 4 patents, 4 papers
Sijong Kim KAIST Master 2 patents, 14 papers
Jaihoon Lee KAIST Master 6 patents, 8 papers
Jaesung Kim KAIST Master 1 patent, 9 papers
Sangwoon Park KAIST Master 2 patents, 9 papers
Yonghui Kim KAIST Master 2 patents, 13 papers
Yongjin Byeon KAIST Master 2 patents, 1 paper
Taehyung Kim KAIST Master 1 patent
Jaebong Song KAIST Master 2 papers
Junyoung Lee KAIST Master Starting 6/1
Jeayoung An KAIST Master Part-Time, Full-Time researcher at 2019.12
Hyungchul Moon KAIST Master Part-Time, Full-Time researcher at 2019.12
Jinyoung Choi Tokyo Institute of Technology(東京工業大学) Master -
Hanmin Jo KAIST Bachelor -


  • 2017

    Jun Registered as a Design Specialized Campany
    Jul Certifiation for GS 1st Class Software Quailty
    Dec Placed 1st as Korean’s Best Innovated Small, Medium Company (CEO of Herald Corp.)

  • 2018

    Apr Certified as Ministry of Employment and Labor Small Giant Company
    Apr Selected as Balanced Worklife Campian Company
    Nov Selected as Deajeon’s Promising Small Company

  • 2019

    Jan elected as Military Service Exception Company
    Jan Showcased “JangBoGo” at CES 2019