Autonomous Driving Cart - JangBoGo

Do Not Push,
Let It Follow!


Autonomous Driving

  • · Stably track target user without missing in complicated environment.
  • · Consistently modify planned trajectory according to the obstacle’s movement.
  • · Naturally avoid moving obstacles without stopping.


  • Accurately recognize the surrounding environment
    through multi-sensor fusion.
  • Maintain recognition of obstacles even in the case of its
    disappearing from sight by predicting states of obstacles
    for a certain period of time.

User Recognition

  • JangboGo tracks the user's fast movement with panning camera .
  • The cart can recognize the target robustly even in noisy environments.
  • The cart recognizes the target more accurately
    by estimating user’s movement as well as matching user’s appearance.
  • There is no need for users to carry or register any additional device.


  • Based in a highly modularized software package developed by Twinny,
    it is easy to add desired function, leading to fast expansion of a variety of fields.

Safety Devices

  • To ensure stability, JangboGo adopts multiple equipment to respond to collision risks or case of emergencies.
  • The cart equips depth camera for tracking the target and detecting obstacles, ultrasonic sensors for collision avoidance, and bumper switch for emergency stop.


  • It is possible to use low cost sensors as a result of adopting the high-level data processing technology.
  • It is possible to use low cost computing equipment based on light computational load algorithm.
  • JangboGo shows smooth movement based on advanced control technology.